Views from the directors

We look to the future and we are thrilled. South Africa is emerging as a beacon to other nations worldwide. Our people are progressively moving towards a unified South Africa. The building industry is embracing our heritage whilst improving technologically; we are creating our own destiny.

The Artech- and SDV Architects merger proved the intrinsic value of experience combined. Professionals with different exposures, abilities and backgrounds develop one another. Projects and designs are spot-on and realized in record time. Working in teams, amplifies our individual abilities and create superior results.

Being one of the larger Architectural firms in South Africa with offices in Nelspruit, Centurion and Somerset-West, we adapt to any project type and scale. We have a reputation of excellent service and professional conduct. We astutely believe in our abilities and capacity to accomplish any architectural feat possible.

Our goal as architects is to pursue excellence relentlessly. Excellence and quality is more than a matter of ability, knowledge, or practice. It cannot be taught, imposed, or wished into existence. Excellence is a value, a value that urges us to do better.
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